Samtec ERM8 ERF8 Edge Rate 0.8mm (0.0315") pitch high-speed connector strips

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ERM8 ERF8 Samtec Edge Rate rugged high-speed connector strips series breakout adapter 0.8mm ( 0.0315" ) pitch

ZX114ER8-x modules are Samtec Edge Rate rugged high speed strips series breakout adapters. They provide access to all Samtec connectors signals for purpose of test and measurement.

ZX114ER8-x modules are designed for:

1- Test and measurement for signal quality, characterization , manufacturing test and debug applications
2- Onboard ERM8 and ERF8 Samtec connectors , mating with any formfactor and height ERM8 and ERF8 connector series.
   a) All Samtec connector signals are accessible via onboard headers, 0.1" ( 2.54mm ) pitch
   b) Dedicated GND reference test points, interfacing with host and test equipment.
   c) Ideal solution to interface with evaluation module, emulation systems, manufacturing loopback test and test and development applications
3- Insertion loss > -2dB @ 3GHz

ZX114ER8-x breakout adapter is offered in 7 different modules supporting Samtec ER8 ERF Edge Rate rugged high speed connector - 0.8mm ( 0.0315" ) pitch.

Datasheet covers all ZX114ER8-x modules and the ordering options
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Shipping the following modules: ZX114ER8-05  ZX114ER8-13  ZX114ER8-20  ZX114ER8-25  ZX114ER8-30  ZX114ER8-40  ZX114ER8-49  ZX114ER8-50  ZX114ER8-60

All other modules 10 days lead time

 ZX114ER8-x  Breakout Adapter includes the following modules:

    ZX114ER8-05  ZX114ER8-10  ZX114ER8-13  ZX114ER8-20  ZX114ER8-25
    ZX114ER8-30  ZX114ER8-40  ZX114ER8-49

      ZX114ER8-x Samtec Edge Rate 0.8mm ( 0.0315" ) pitch Breakout Adapter


    ZX114ER8-50  ZX114ER8-60  ZX114ER8-70  ZX114ER8-75

      ZX114ER8-x Samtec Edge Rate 0.8mm ( 0.0315" ) pitch Breakout Adapter