Full line of breakout adapters Mictor, Samtec, FCI, FMC Vita 57.1 Mezzanine Cards, PCIe M.2/NGFF and HDMI DP USB 3.1 Electrical test modules SMA IPEX flying leads cable assemblies

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Zebax has established working relationship and is member of the following working group/partners, enriching customers with test tools for pre-bringup, debugging.

The HAPS Connect Program is a network of approved third-party hardware and service vendors that provide solutions optimized for HAPS FPGA-based prototyping systems that enable prototypers to leverage proven solutions for fast prototype bring-up.

Zebax will be offering exclusive modules targeted HAPS FPGA-based design solutions.

Products to review: ZX102x, ZX103x modules

Zebax offers PCISIG mini PCIe as well as M.2 ( NGFF - next generation form factor ) breakout ,passive extender adapter modules faciliating design interface for purpose of fast turn around solution from proto-type, pre-bringup to production desing phases.

The Zebax PCISIG modules are designed both mechanically and electrically in compliance with PCISIG design guideline as specified in the PCI Express Mini Card Electromechanical Specification 1.2 and PCI Express M.2 Specification Ver 1.0

Products to review: ZX120, ZX121, ZX122xB, ZX122xA, ZX122Bx, and ZX122Ax

Zebax Provides test module solutions for Altera HSMC providing best in class test and debugging solutions available.

The Zebax HSMC modules are in compliance with Altera design guideline as specified in the HSMC specifications.

Products to review: ZX106x, ZX107x modules

FPGA Mezzanine Card , FMC 57.1 , test, debug and development facilitated by Zebax ZX180x and ZX182 modules, providing best in class test solutions to FPGA platforms using VITA 57.1 standard.

Zebax offers modules for both High and Low Pin Count, HPC LPC FMC Vita 57.1 designs.

All Zebax VITA 57.1 modules are designed per guideline as specified by VITA 57.1 standard.

Products to review: ZX180x ZX182x modules

FMC is trademark of VITA.